Quality criteria

Walking trails in Värmland largely pass through private land that the landowners have voluntarily opened to the public. To ensure walkers will continue to be welcome to use the trails in future, we need to manage and look after walking trails responsibly. Common criteria for what visitors can expect also help in general marketing campaigns. For instance, what walkers can expect at camping points, the use of consistent symbols on maps and all signs having information in Swedish, English and German. To ensure walking tourism is sustainable, walking trails must be properly maintained. The Association of Värmlsleder is tasked with quality assuring Värmlandleder trails. These quality criteria consist of both minimum requirements and advice for walking trails. These include:

  • the relationship with the landowners
  • documentation on statutory requirements
  • what visitors can expect in terms of experiences
  • maintenance plan

Applicable quality criteria can be downloaded here. In Swedish only.

131202 Kvalitetskriterier för Värmlandsleder

Värmlandsleder trails have printed usage rights agreements between the usage rights holder and the respective landowner. These agreements use the association’s agreement forms. Quality Assured Värmlandsleder Trails are insured by the Association of Värmlandsleder with Länsförsäkringar Värmland.