The right of public access

The right of public access permits everyone to freely explore Swedish nature. However, the right also includes the responsibility to act with care and consideration. The main rule is leave things as you find them.

Walking trails provide an easy opportunity to explore and discover nature and cultural heritage environments in Värmland. Please remember that the trails largely cross private land that the landowner has voluntarily opened for walking trails. As trails are open voluntarily, it is particularly important that you adhere to the right of public access care and consideration rules when walking.

• You may walk, cycle and ride in nature – however private grounds, cultivated and farmed land are prohibited areas. Do not forget to close gates after you.

• You may pitch a tent overnight. However, if you wish to camp for longer than this, or close to a house or you are a party with several tents, you ought to ask the landowner’s permission.

• You may bathe at beaches, except on private grounds.

• Do not disturb animal nests or any animal young, particularly in spring and summer when they are especially vulnerable. If you have a dog, it must be kept on a lead in the countryside from 1 March – 20 August, to protect wildlife. Dogs should also be kept under careful control and in sight for the rest of the year.

• You may pick wild berries and mushrooms, and flowers that are not protected species. However, it is prohibited to chop down trees or bushes without permission, snap branches, remove bark or otherwise damage growing trees.

• Take your litter home! Broken glass, cans, plastic, fishing lines and other rubbish can injure people and animals. Leave nature as you found it, and as clean as you would like it to be when you return.


Bikes and horses

You can cycle and ride virtually everywhere in nature, provided this does not damage the ground. Nature trails are easily damaged by horse shoes and bicycle tyres, however. Our Värmlandleder trails are designed for walking. We have usage rights agreements with all landowners concerning walking trails. We therefore recommend you avoid cycling or riding along walking trails. There is also a safety risk if walking trails are shared by horses, bicycles, joggers and walkers with dogs and children.

Riding is permitted in certain areas on Värmlandsleder trails, with the permission of the landowner. This will be shown on the information boards at the starting points. Local authority rules and regulations apply in one local authority that prohibits all riding on walking trails and jogging circuits.


You may light a fire in designated campfire locations. You will also find firewood there. Never light a fire if there is the slightest risk of forest fire. Fire is often prohibited during dry weather. All open fires are prohibited at such times, even at designated campfire locations. For information on fire prohibitions, please call +46 (0) 54 15 50 66 (automatic answer machine). If you have lit a fire – extinguish it completely with water. You can be fined or liable for damages if the fire spreads.

Fire prohibited flags are flown at several popular leisure areas and at all fire stations in Värmland, when a fire ban is in operation. The flags started being used in Värmland in the 1980s, to warn canoeists in the lake system of the fire ban.

Nature reserves

The right to roam is restricted in nature reserves. It is always your responsibility to know what rules apply in the area you are visiting. Read more on the information board at the starting point. Different nature reserves have different directives. For information on all the nature reserves, please go to the Country Administration Board website.


Many different kinds of animal are hunted. All hunting is subject to legislation. Hunting is permitted at different times of the year for different types of prey. The hunting rights generally belong to the landowner.

Signs saying “Jakt pågår” (Hunt in progress) or similar do not mean you cannot enter the forest, but that you should be aware that hunting is in progress and show consideration to the hunters.

Elk hunting is the largest hunt. Avoid entering the forest when an elk hunt is in progress. The elk hunting season always starts on the second Monday in October and is at its peak in the first week of the season. In northern Värmland (Torsby Municipality) elk hunting is permitted from the second Monday in September. If the hunt team has other traditions, this will be explained on the information board at the starting point.


The 11,000 lakes and waterways offer excellent opportunities for fishing in Värmland. To fish in lakes and waters, you need to buy a fishing licence for the area concerned. The fishing rights belong to the landowner in the area that is part of the fisheries conservation area.

Fishing is permitted in Lake Vänern with hand held equipment. Read more at the County Administration Board website.

Offroading with motorised vehicles

Offroading in nature with motorised vehicles in prohibited, with certain exceptions. It is also prohibited to drive in snow if the snow cover is so thin that there is a risk of damaging the ground surface under the snow. Offroad driving legislation is there to protect nature and also applies to the landowner.

Exceptions to offroad legislation apply in the case of farming and forestry work. There are also exceptions for e.g. power line maintenance, leisure area management, emergency services and to retrieve hunted game.