The trails Halgåleden and Sundsbergsleden have been checked

During the summer the association Värmlandsleder has checked the trails Halgåleden and Sundsbergsleden. We are happy to announce that both trails can continue to use the quality label Värmlandsleder. The trail maintenance works well. The association will check and re-assess all quality-labeled trails every third year. In between, the trail owner follow a self-control program, according to the maintenance plan. 

These verification’s helps the association to ensure that the trails have good status, so we can communicate this. The associations director, Ylva Gustafsson, tells us that these re-assessments are needed. All trails, that have been checked so far, have had remarks and things to improve. These errors have quickly been fixed. The controls are made by the associations own controllers. Another positive effect is that these events also give the trail owners a possibility to meet and share experiences. New ideas spread and we have additional quality improvements! – It’s good that an outsider check the trail. It’s easy to become blind, says one trail owner.