The trail Sjutorpsleden has been checked

During the summer the association Värmlandsleder has checked the trail Sjutorpsleden. We are happy to announce that the trail can continue to use the quality label Värmlandsleder.  The association will check and re-assess all quality-labeled trails every third year. In between, the trail owner follow a self-control program, according to the maintenance plan.

The trail Sjutorpsleden is a very popular walk. A local association are caretakers of the Ritamäki old homestead. They run a summer cafe and estimates that more than 3 000 people visit during the summer months. The walkers start from the Swedish as well as the Norwegian side. To walk across a national boundary is an attraction as well as the Finnish history, the cultural landscape, the refugee route from WWII and Ritamäki nature reserve with the rich meadow flora.