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7.9 km


2.5 h



GPS coordinates starting point:

N 60° 8.505 E 12° 33.343


Lekvattnet, West of Torsby, Close to the norwegian border.

Route description:

From Torsby by road, take the E16 towards Norway. At Lekvattnet and Finnkulturcentrum, turn left off the E16. Follow the signs for Ritamäki naturreservat. After ca 10 km turn right and drive a further one kilometre to the car park by Lake Lomsen. This is also the car park for Ritamäki finngård and the nature reserve.

Public transport:

No public transport.


Hembygdsföreningen serves simple dishes at Ritamäki finngård in summer. Read more.
A brochure with map is available at the Torsby tourism office for 20 SEK.
The trail is open from 1 June.


Turistbyrån i Torsby, mailto:turist@torsby.se +46 (0)560 160 50

Trail manager:

Torsby kommun

Map to download (pdf)

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Description of Walk

7-torpsleden in Lekvattnet has very old roots. The trail primarily follows old pathways created by Finnish migrants who settled in the forest areas here. The trail passes seven farms, all with Finnish origins. Along the way you cross the border between Norway and Sweden. Two farms are on the Norwegian side of the border. During World War Two, the paths were also an escape route from Norway. Ritamäki finngård is probably the best preserved Finnish migrant farm in Finnskogen. The meadowland at Ritamäki is maintained as a protected nature reserve.

  • 7-torpsleden med skylt
    Foto Maria Ivansson
  • 7-torpsleden Lomsintorppa
  • 7-torpsleden Kissalamp
  • Ritamäki
    Ritamäki Foto Lars Furuholm