Good to know


5.6 km


1.5 h



GPS coordinates starting point:

N 59° 4.4073 E 14° 2.1022


Visnums-Kil, south of Kristinehamn

Route description:

From Kristinehamn, take road 26, towards Mariestad. Drive south about 25 km. At Nybble, turn right towards Medhamn. Then follow the road to the church in Visnums-Kil. From here it is signposted “Naturreservat Nötön-Åråsviken” and then “Arskagen”. Show consideration and drive slowly when the road passes over a courtyard. The road passes through a fenced pasture. On two places you need to open and close a gate, to prevent the animals from escaping. The road is closed with a boom from 1 of October to 31 of March.

Public transport:

No public transport is available.


The trail is maintained from the 15 of May.


Kristinehamn Tourist office, +46 (0)550-881 87,

Trail manager:

The County Administrative Board of Värmland

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Description of Walk

The trail Arskagsleden takes you through a landscape with pastures and old oaks. You walk through nice meadows and forests with many deciduous trees. At Arskagsudde, the far south of the peninsula, you have a nice view over Åråsviken, a bay area of Lake Vänern. The entire area is protected as a nature reserve, Nötön-Åråsviken. The trail runs, to a large part, through pastures with grazing cows. The animals can be very curious, especially if you bring a dog. Show consideration, it is the cows that keep the landscape open. If you combine the two trails, Arskagsleden and Nötöleden, you can do a 13 km walk.