Good to know


5.6 km


1.5 h



GPS coordinates starting point:

N 59° 4.4073 E 14° 2.1022


Visnums-Kil, south of Kristinehamn

Route description:

From Kristinehamn, take road 26, towards Mariestad. Drive south about 25 km. At Nybble, turn right towards Medhamn. Then follow the road to the church in Visnums-Kil. From here it is signposted “Naturreservat Nötön-Åråsviken” and then “Arskagen”. Show consideration and drive slowly when the road passes over a courtyard. The road passes through a fenced pasture. On two places you need to open and close a gate, to prevent the animals from escaping. The road is closed with a boom from 1 of October to 31 of March.

Public transport:

No public transport is available.


The trail is maintained from the 15 of May.


Kristinehamn Tourist office, +46 (0)550-881 87,

Trail manager:

The County Administrative Board of Värmland

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Description of Walk

The trail Arskagsleden takes you through a landscape with pastures and old oaks. You walk through nice meadows and forests with many deciduous trees. At Arskagsudde, the far south of the peninsula, you have a nice view over Åråsviken, a bay area of Lake Vänern. The entire area is protected as a nature reserve, Nötön-Åråsviken. The trail runs, to a large part, through pastures with grazing cows. The animals can be very curious. Show consideration, it is the cows that keep the landscape open. Don’t bring dogs. If you combine the two trails, Arskagsleden and Nötöleden, you can do a 13 km walk.