Halgåleden at Brattfallet

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6.8 km


4 h



GPS coordinates starting point:

N 60° 17.624 E 13° 28.092


Brattfallet, east of Klarälven, North of Ekshärad.

Route description:

From Ekshärad drive east at the crossroads by the church. Take the bridge over the Klarälven river to the crossroads in Byn. Look out for the brown and white sign for Brattfallet in Byn. Drive north for 15 km. The destination is signposted.

Fastnäs is north of Ekshärad, along route 62. From Fastnäs cross the bridge over the Klarälven river. Brown and white sign for Brattfallet. Follow the road, ca 4 km. The destination is signposted.

Public transport:

No public transport.


The trail is open from 15 May.


Hagfors-Ekshärad turistinformation, turist@hagfors.se +46 (0)563 187 50

Trail manager:

Hagfors kommun

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Description of Walk

Brattfallet is a 10 metre waterfall, that drops into a deep ravine. The Brattfallet and Halgån Canyon has always been a visitor attraction. The Canyon is spanned by a beautiful, high old stone bridge. The effect of the Halgån, Vångan and Klarälven rivers on the landscape is of marked geological interest. Halgåleden demonstrates how the power of nature has shaped the landscape from the ice age to the present day. Fresh landslides and avalanches are an every year occurrence. Look out for signs explaining about the geological processes and cultural heritage sites. Fine views over the Klarälvdalen river. The 122 metre ascent makes the trail difficult. Halgåleden can be combined with Halgåledens strövslinga.

  • Halgåleden
    Foto Marita Persson
  • Halgåleden, utsikt över Klarälven
    Foto Marita Persson
  • Halgåleden, rastplats med utsikt
    Foto Marita Persson
  • Halgåleden, vandrare på spångad stig
    Foto Marita Persson
  • Halgåleden, skylt