Good to know


12 km


5 h



GPS coordinates starting point:

N60° 17,6665’ E12° 57,9017’


Vitsand, north of Torsby

Route description:

From Torsby, take road E45/E16 north, about 17 km. Just north of Överbyn is a road sign ”Naturreservat Hovfjället 7”, turn left. The road ends at a big parking area. The ski resort is on your left hand side. The visitor center is situated straight ahead on the upper parking area.

Public transport:

You can take bus 209 with Värmlandstrafik from Torsby resecenter to bus stop Överbyn. From Överbyn there is a connecting trail (2 km) to the circular trails within the nature reserve. Check out on the map, where this trail connects. In Överbyn, the connecting trail starts just north of Camping 45.


The trail is maintained from June 15.
Bondfugestorp is a cabin, open all year around.
Camping 45 have camping and cottages. Read more
Camping 45 have guided tours. Read more
Vitsands Hembygdsgård is a nearby folk museum. Read more


Torsby tourist information, +46 (0)560-160 50, turist@torsby.se

Trail manager:

The County Administrative Board of Värmland

Map to download (pdf)

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Description of Walk

Hovfjällsrundan trail takes you all round the nature reserve. You will enjoy splendid views from Björnåsen in the east and pass several tarns. At Vadjebergen, the trail passes through an enchanting ancient forest where the spruces are overgrown with a pale green lichen. Here some parts of the trail are very steep. The picnic area at Råkullstjärn exudes a quiet and enchanting tranquillity. In the western part nature is varied with mires, rocky ground with pine trees and spruce forests. The meadows at Bondfugestorp are mown each year, to preserve meadow flora. If you have any energy left when you get back, head to the viewing tower at the top of Hovfjället.