Järnleden Bergsjötorpet – Niklasdam Return

Good to know


10 km


3 h



GPS coordinates starting point:

N 59° 24.152', E 14° 11.411'


Bergsjötorp, North of Kristinehamn

Route description:

From Kristinehamn, take route 26, north towards Filipstad. At Sjöändan, turn left at the sign: Järnleden and the trail symbol. The starting point is on the left hand side after just over 1 km.

Public transport:

Värmlandstrafiken bus 400 from Kristinehamn travel centre to the Sjöändan bus stop. Cross route 26. The path is marked with signs and posts.


Niklasdams Trädgård has a summer open café and a museum with rare geraniums. Read more.
The trail is open from 15 May.


Kristinehamns turistbyrå, turist@kristinehamn.se  +46 (0)550 881 87

Trail manager:

Kristinehamns kommun

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Description of Walk

Walk along Count Karl’s historic transport route for iron. Värmlands Bergslag has played in important role in the development of Sweden via iron ore mining, iron works, shipments to Lake Vänern and onwards to the rest of the world. The Järnleden iron trail starts with a forest path. After a few kilometres you will reach a rest point by a lake. You will pass the remains of an old charcoal burner’s hut and a 200 m footbridge at Bromossen. There are also traces of an earlier English garden on the edge of the manor house area. Niklasdam Garden has a pelargonium museum and café that is open in summer. After visiting Niklasdam, follow the same path back to Bergsjötorpet.

  • Järnleden, Café vid Niklasdam
  • Järnleden, spången över Bromossen
    Bromossen Foto Martin Andersson
  • Järnleden, Lurtjärn
    Lurtjärn Foto Christina Skan
  • Järnleden, par som fikar tidig vår
    Foto Björn Andersson