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6 km


2.5 h



GPS coordinates starting point:

N 59° 49.666, E 13° 7.514


Sundsbergs friluftsområde, west of Sunne Town centre and road E45.

Route description:

From the south, take the E45 to Sunne. Take two left turns, signposted for Selma Spa + (hotel) and the walking trail. Drive past the hotel and to the far end of the car park. Walkway, 100 metres, to the point where the track central point. Sundsbergsleden starts here.

Public transport:

You can take a Värmlandstrafik bus or train to Sunne town centre.


Sunne Camping with cottages and pitches for caravans and Selma Spa +, hotel and restaurant are next to the trails starting point.
The trail is open from 1 May.


Sunne Turism,  +46 (0)565 167 70

Trail manager:

Sunne kommun

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Description of Walk

Sundsbergsleden offers attractive views across Fryksdalen from Klövberget, enchanting ancient woods and a dam. The ground is carpeted by Anemone hepatica in the spring, a stunning sight. The chalky ground makes for unusually rich flora and fauna. For instance, seven of the eight native species of woodpecker are found in the area. Sundsbergsleden is in the Sundsberg recreation area, within walking distance of Sunne town centre. The trail has several steep slopes.

  • Sundsbergsleden, barnfamilj vid fågeldammen
    Foto Peter Persson
  • Sundsbergsleden, dammen
    Foto Peter Persson
  • Sundsbergsleden, utsikt över Fryken
    Foto Peter Persson
  • Sundsbergsleden, utsikt över Fryken
    Foto P Persson
  • Sundsbergsleden, barn i backe
    Foto Peter Persson