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Niklasdams Trädgård och café


Take a break on your walk and enjoy home-baked cakes and sandwiches in our beautiful garden or cosy café. Open May – August.

  • Järnleden, Café vid Niklasdam

Ritamäki finngård


Ritamäki finngård is probably the best preserved Finnish migrant farm in Finnskogen. The farm was farmed with traditional methods until the year 1964, when siblings Beda and Henning Jansson mowed to a home for elderly people in Torsby. This marks the end of a 300-year period when the first finnish settlers came to live in the woods. The meadowland at Ritamäki is maintained as a protected nature reserve. The buildings at Ritamäki are open for visitors during summer. There is also a café, open during the summer months. Länsstyrelsens webb

  • Ritamäki
    Ritamäki Foto Lars Furuholm
  • Ritamäki, Fältgentiana
    Den fridlysta Fältgentianan finns på Ritamäkis ängar.



Vitsands Hembygdsgård